Officer on Special Duty

Officiating Principal

Dr. Uma Shankar Pandey


The School of Open Learning, University of Delhi is a Learning Organization shaping the future of ‘Adult Learning’ and teaching processes in a dual mode framework of University of Delhi. At present, more than four and a half lakh students are enrolled at the UG and PG level. The governance structures and processes that ensure delivery of quality learning to such a large number of students has remained a challenge. This challenge, however, has been gradually converted into a unique opportunity towards imparting quality higher education to the aspirants by blending the face-to-face and virtual mediums. Almost all the online processes concerning ‘Students Information and Management System’ have been designed and effectively implemented through a sustained re-engineering of existing structures and processes into digital dividends, thereby ensuring quality public services to the students.

At present, the student related processes are already online, along with various administrative procedures, and we are now heading towards establishing a robust learning management system for the students under the broad framework of e-educational governance. During the last ten years, we have realized that initiating, leading and sustaining the above changes is an uphill task, and the same is possible by adapting a strategy of incremental reforms with complete conviction and compassion. We have been putting our concerted team efforts to transform School of Open Learning into a Virtual Learning Organization with a vision to ensure quality higher education within the University of Delhi.


With best wishes,


Dr. Uma Shankar Pandey
Officiating Principal,
School of Open Learning
University of Delhi