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Department of Education

About the Department:

The Department of Education is currently offering Education subject in B.A. Programme  through Open and Distance Learning mode which provides learners a wider and more comprehensive understanding of Education as a field of knowledge. The Department has a dynamic curriculum that reflects the needs of changing times and rapid growth in knowledge and requirements. The Department is always committed to provide academic excellence by ensuring a constructive and conducive learning environment. The Self Learning Material (SLM) developed by the department have set a benchmark for many institutions across the country. The Department has shaped its unique philosophy, which finds reflection in its programme through inculcating core values of democracy, freedom, dedication, creativity, social responsibility, diversity, inclusion, collaborative and experiential learning, innovation, sincerity, and excellence. The Department comprises highly competent faculty member, actively engaged in research and has published many research papers in National and International Journals of repute in the milieu of Education. The Department is in the process of expansion, with more teaching and research programmes coming up in the future.

Vision and Mission:

The vision and mission of the Department are as follows:





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