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EQUAL OPPORTUNITY CELL (EOC): Visually Impaired/ Print Disabled

The UGC guidelines are aimed towards providing necessary accessibility and facilities, equipments and academic material to visually impaired students.  The SOL has established an Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) - an Enabling Unit for these students. SOL has established this “Enabling Unit” has full-fledged facility of 16 computer systems with compatible furniture, air-conditioners, and many special types of equipment for visually impaired.  Other special gadgets procured are as below:

  1. Daisy players for pre-recorded materials, lectures and updated fresh course material.
  2. Read Easy reading machines: This is a standalone machine which would enable visually impaired students not knowing computer to audio-read any book by press of a button.
  3. Read it HD Scholar: This is a high power 16 MP HD camera scanner with powerful software. Any book in English and Hindi can be scanned within minutes and read by visually impaired.  The book can also be converted in multiple formats with such command.  Documents can be magnified multiple times on computer through this device.
  4. Braille Display: This is first generation paperless Braille technology. Through this Braille Display, a visually impaired student can read any document in English on the computer in Braille.  Braille letters, words and lines appear on display as the cursor moves on the screen.
  5. Braille Sense U2: This is independent user friendly Braille computer and note taker. There is no screen but only a Braille display with easy functionality.  Visually impaired can read any document in English, both in Braille and audio format without assistance of any computer.  Visually impaired students can do their assignments and even take examinations.
  6. Braille Face & NVDA Screen Reader Software.



SOL Library

The SOL library is a knowledge resources centre with print and digital resources related to the disciplines of the courses of SOL. It is situated in the hub of SOL campus established as a small library in 1962. This library was shifted to the new building in August 1991.

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