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e-News Clipping Portal and Service:

School of Open Learning (SOL) has developed web database of ”e-News Clippings” related to SOL, DU, MHRD and related areas. SOL Staff as well as students can access the news with a single-window search facility from anywhere, 24x7.

“News Clippings Service” is one of the common services provided by libraries and information centers. The information technology has changed the mechanism of providing ‘News Clipping Service’ in libraries and information centers. This certainly has facilitated wide circulation of the news items in networked environment with better archives searching.

The database provides web-based full-text access to news items from e-newspapers using web interface. It has been packaged with an easy user interface for library staff to prepare news items and then to upload these news items on web server. The same news items are also delivered by email to specific groups of patron as “Selective Dissemination Information (SDI)” service.



SOL Library

The SOL library is a knowledge resources centre with print and digital resources related to the disciplines of the courses of SOL. It is situated in the hub of SOL campus established as a small library in 1962. This library was shifted to the new building in August 1991.

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